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The Importance Of Early Education For Children And How To Get Started As A Parent – education

Most parents do not fully understand the importance of early education when it comes to their children. There is still the idea that a child doesn’t need any special attention before he starts school. While this is certainly true for most parents, other parents are realizing the benefits of early education and how it can help your child later on in life. While the importance of early education is over-emphasized it can play a pivotal role in your child’s upbringing.It has been proven through studies and research that children who have had parents that help them focus on early education prosper more later on in life. They have the ability to do better in school and in the work force. The developmental areas that are focused on when educating your child do not only remain in the intellectual sphere. Parents also focus on their creative, physical, social and emotional well-being. All of these aspects need to be worked on so that your child can develop normally. By emphasizing on these developmental areas at a young age, it will be simpler for the child and a parent when the child grows older.Getting Started on Early EducationWhen a parent is first introduced to early education for their children there seems to be thousands of resources and researchers saying different things. It can be confusing for a first time parent trying to find a way to approach early education.The best way to start is to start slowly. When purchasing games, books or toys that you think will be educational for your child make sure to review them thoroughly. Often manufacturers sell games that actually have nothing to do with education. Try finding a reputable online store that sells quality books that have been developed by teachers and professors.Also make a habit of reading every single day to your child, regardless of how old they are. Reading is one of the most important aspects of early education and should not be easily dismissed. Research has shown that you should be reading to your children every day for at least twenty minutes a day. This can help improve their imagination, creativity, their vocabulary and general knowledge.

STEM Education: Connecting the Classroom to Careers – education

Over the past few years, there has been a focus on math and science education and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Since President Obama has been in office, it seems like almost everyone is jumping on the “how important math and science education is and/or we need our kids to help us create our future STEM workforce” bandwagon. It seems like more resources are being put into enhancing math and science education programs. However, with all this attention on math and science, people are really not paying attention to the hows and whys we have gotten to this point in education and in our economy.If you pay attention to economies of the world’s wealthiest countries; they have a strong educational system where there kids excel academically in all or most disciplines. The reason why education is linked to a strong economy because it is with education that you are able to have workforce that has the skills for the jobs in your economy. When the United States had a strong economy and was the global leader, we had a great educational system. However, the current state of our educational system is that students aren’t graduating with the skills for the jobs that are currently available in our economy. There are various reasons for this, however my main theory behind this is not enough kids or parents think about their future as it relates to connecting their education with their future careers.I remember when I was growing up, I remember always knowing that I was going to get good grades so I can go to college and get a good job. Even my peers, who didn’t have any aspirations to go to college, had some plan in mind for a career, job or business after high school graduation. However, today’s K-12 students and parents are missing that connection to their education and their place in the future workforce; this disconnect takes place in all socioeconomic levels. So why are people asking where are all the jobs going? The question we should be asking is I am preparing myself and my children to get the jobs that are available in the current and future economy?We prepare our children to become a part of the future workforce in two ways; researching the industry trends in the US and global economy and encouraging them to achieve academically and enhance the classroom experience with extracurricular activities. In the United States and global economy. It is true that jobs are disappearing as well as sectors, but there are sectors in the economy where there are plenty of jobs that go unfilled. The reasons why jobs in some sectors go unfilled is because there aren’t individuals with the skills and knowledge to do the job. The world is moving towards an educated workforce; which means individuals in the future economy will need to have a particular skill set or knowledge base to be employable. Most jobs in this new economy will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, however there are some sectors that require only technical training. The key to ensure that your child will have a spot in the future workforce is researching the trends and sectors in the economy; most of which can be found on the department of labor and other government websites. Once you find the job trends, look at the academic subjects your child is strong in and their interests and guide then toward a career path that is a part of the current and future economy. In the STEM sector, there are plenty of jobs that are available now and being created as new fields in STEM emerge daily.The second thing we need to do is have our children see the connection between what they do in the classroom today and their career options in the future. There are great benefits for students that achieve academically and participate in extracurricular activities. Classroom grades and standardized test scores are the tools that are utilized to measure student achievement. Students and parents shouldn’t wait until high school to see the importance of grades and standardized test scores. There are public policy decisions for the society as a whole that are made based on the standardized test scores of third graders. In addition, your child’s educational path will be determined by their teachers and principals based on the third grade test scores as well. Therefore, parents must encourage and support academic achievement from the first day your child enters school; as early as Pre-K. An environment that encourages and supports academic achievement means checking and doing homework with your child. It also includes finding tutorial support for subject areas that students may struggle in to ensure academic success in all subject areas. The final part of encouraging academic achievement is being a part of your child’s standardized test preparation. There are countless studies that show that when parents are an active part of their child’s education, children perform better academically.The classroom should not be the only place where students have learning experiences. Children should participate in extracurricular activities that support their interests and strengths. Students that are interested in math and science should participate in math and science competitions and clubs. Students should also participate in summer and after-school programs in their area of interest. Finally students should participate in as many events as possible in their area of interest such as visiting museums, attending career fairs, etc.The great thing about education is that is is not only a tool to train and equip students with skills, but it opens one’s eyes to see the possibilities. If we are going to have a future STEM workforce, we have to not only give our kids the skills to academically achieve in math and science, but allow them to see the possibility of having a career in those fields. The earlier our kids see this connection, the brighter their future becomes.

Enhance Your Consulting Business With Ongoing Consulting Education – education

As a successful management consultant, you already know that you simply cannot afford to stop learning. Every day presents a new learning opportunity, and taking advantage of ongoing consulting education is one of the best ways to grow your brand, your business and your reputation for quality.It is all too easy to overlook the value of education, especially when your business is doing well and growing rapidly. Even so, proper consulting education is even more important during that rapid growth phase, since a single misstep during this critical time could cost your firm not only money but its reputation as well. The more you can learn about your particular niche, the better and more successful you can be.Quality education can also help you understand the needs of your clients more effectively. As a management consultant you need to wear many hats, and serve many masters, and you need to do it all in an effective and efficient manner. By learning about the opportunities and challenges facing each of your clients, you can be a more effective, and more successful, management consultant.Businesses these days are facing all kinds of challenges, from shortages of critical skills to rising prices for basic materials. The understanding and information you gather through a quality training program can give you the tools you need to help every client succeed, no matter how great those challenges might be.Choosing the Best Consultant Education ProgramOf course not all consulting training programs are the same, and it is important to look carefully at the various programs that are available. Some so-called consulting education may be little more than glorified marketing presentations, while others may provide you with information that is out of date or even wrong. Learning how to sort through the clutter and find the best consulting education for your needs can be a real challenge.Fortunately, there are some guidelines you can use to make sure the consulting education course you are considering will truly deliver good value for the money. One of the best ways to ensure that the information you receive will be timely is to look at the professional background of the instructors. Look for a consulting education class whose instructors are working in private industry, not just teaching courses. In the world of consulting and consulting education there is simply no substitute for hands on real world experience.Look to at the reputation of the company conducting the consulting education courses. A quality company will surround itself with the best educators and the most up to date information, so you can protect yourself by dealing only with firms that are recognized as leaders in the educational field. As a consultant, you already know how important reputation is, so look for a consulting education firm with a reputation as solid as your own.

What is the Best Education IRA Option For You? – education

A parent’s responsibility does not end on just providing the basic needs of his/her child. Education is one of the most important aspects in a person’s life for it is the tool to gain knowledge and a gateway to success. There are options to save money and gather enough funds for college, but ultimately there is only one best education IRA to suit one’s needs and financial capacity.To most people, saving money in the bank is one way to start funding for a child’s college education. Other folks turn to other forms of IRA such as Roth IRA, to finance their children’s college finances. For the more desperate, their 401k is the last resort and the only best option if they do not have enough funds.But it all boils down to one thing: money. For every option there is always a specific amount of money involved. The amount varies depending on the type of savings you will be choosing.The more common education IRA which is prior to the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 only allows parents a maximum yearly contribution of $ 500. But the provisions under the EGTRRA, the amount changed to $ 2,000 per year for every child. This is now known as the Coverdell ESA.Under the new and improved one, parents can save more especially if they start early. Financial planners and advisers encourage parents to save college funds through education IRA to save on taxes and to have an advantage of paying less during their child’s college years.Specifically, the new and improved version of education IRA could be the best education IRA there is. Though the financial obligation is a huge factor to discourage some families, but the ease in paying for college will be greater than just saving money on a regular bank account. It is safe to say that this improved version can replace all the other options available.The best time to open for an education IRA is when your child is still young and the household expenses are still low. If you have a big family, chances are you will be drained of paying for education IRAs and other expenses. Timing, number of kids and incoming money are the most important factors that can make or break your best education IRA option. Whether it is Coverdell ESA or anything else, it is important that you look at the three important factors so you can weigh your options and you can plan for the payment strategies.Of course, you can always ask for your family’s help when it comes to paying for your best education IRA option. But as always, consider the three factors. It may not be enough that you have uncles, aunts, grandparents and yourself to pay for the education IRA for five kids. And always check your paying capacity based on your incoming net salary.The best education IRA is your safety net for the future. But it is a good thing to start early while the kids are young and while you are young. You need your job to secure your family’s needs while investing and funding for your retirement and for your kids’ college education. Just always remember the three important factors that can help you accomplish your goal of providing a college education for your kids: timing, number of kids in the family and incoming money.

Adult Education – A World Of Online Courses – education

Many people reach a certain point where they want something new in their lives. Their jobs are a bit boring for them, and the daily routine is simply not enough. Some join a club while others may start bowling. There is another way of expanding your horizons, and that is online. The Internet is now a common tool used by millions across the world. If you are reading these lines then you are one of those people, and a lucky person you are. With the developmant of the wold-wide-web came a revolution in the world of education. This revolution has swept the world, and you can ride that wave of progress.While back in the days we had to go to school for our education, today it is enough to have a computer and an internet connection. A world of knowledge awaits us, and you can study almost anything you can imagine using online courses. If there is something you always wanted to know, the internet has it for you. If before getting an education meant spending a lot of time and money, today things are starting to change. Studying online in internet courses is becoming as common as emails, and many people take courses in many fields of interest.If you have an internet connection, you can now find online courses all over the net. If you are interested in gardening for example, there are complete online guides which includes videos and audio options for you to learn from. Online quizzes and tests usually go along in the more serious web sites. You can also learn things like computers and science online, and earn a diploma in many schools.Many online courses are offered free of charge, and you can take them any time and any place, as long as you have an internet connection. This is perfect for those of us who do not have too much time to spare, as you can get online and take a class when ever it is comfortable for you. These main ideas are the reason this type of studying is ideal for adult education.Online Adult Education – Even A Bachelor’s DegreeNot only can you study the things that you always wanted without leaving your comfortable armchair behind, you can now earn all your degrees without leaving your house. With world-famous establishments such as the open university you can now earn a bachelor’s degree online. This idea may sound alien to those of us who are not so internet savvy, yet the online-education programs offered today are easy to use. You do not need to be a computer-master to study psychology online.

A Closer Look at The Education in India – education

The Indian Education System is one of the oldest systems of the world. Even before the number and alphabet systems, Gurus or sages used to impart knowledge orally to their Shishyas or students. This information was passed on from one generation to the other in many varied forms, from folk tales to various physical activities and tasks. The Indian education system was rich and highly respected in its form so much so that the students used to rank their Gurus even above their parents. Later on, manuscripts and teachings were written on palm leaves, temple walls and later, on paper. The teacher-student was considered very pious and even poor students used to offer their teacher some form of contribution, be it in the form of money, fruits or even pledges.Today, the Indian education has taken on a completely different form. With the rise of modern, globalised India, education in India has raced forward with huge and successful leaps. For those who can afford good quality education, there are hardly any hurdles in their paths. But even for the poor and lesser fortunate strata of the society, the government has launched various policies and initiatives. In order to promote free education among poor children till the age of 14 years, the government has banned child labor and fervently launches various schemes like the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA) to entice more and more children to take up books. Apart from these schemes, the youth of India is waking up to its responsibilities and carrying out various individual, non-profit activities to impart knowledge to these children. And not just children, even the elderly and the women are coming forward and becoming an active part of these initiatives.The youth of today rising India has played a major role in bringing about this change. Education initiatives like the “Each One, Teach One” program encourage young people of urban India to come forward and teach children from the deprived areas of the society. Moreover, professionals from established universities and schools are called in to support vocational training programs. To promote secondary level education and to make these children aware of its importance, the SSA has been further extended into Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan. It is because of the youth of our country, equipped with global level education and the support of strong governing policies that the Indian education system has attained new heights. The country constitution states the Right to Education as a very fundamental one and makes it compulsory for every child to be educated till the senior secondary level.The higher education of India is the third largest in the world after China and the USA and is equipped with better infrastructure and highly qualified and eminent teachers. The University Grants Commission is the highest governing body at the tertiary level and works along with government to promote and regulate various universities. In the year 2009, it was noted that India has 20 central universities, 215 state universities, 100 deemed universities, apart from many other colleges. With all these provisions, the country’s education system is sure to soar high.